fff Compatible Short SpO2 Sensor - 1863 LNCS DCI


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    OEM Part Number Cross References:

    Manufacturer OEM Part #
    AMC CB-73585R
    Philips M1668A, 989803145061, 989803170181 (Orange color ESU protection)
    Sage T01-05-30M


    Manufacturer Model
    Newtech NT3A
    Nihon Kohden NT3B, Omnicare CMA
    Philips 43100A, 43110A, 43120A, 78352C, 78354A/C, 78354C, 78834A/B/C, 78834C, 862472, 862473, 862474, 862474 C3, 862475, 862478, 862479, 863064, 863065, 863066, 863068, Affiniti 30, Affiniti 50, Affiniti 70, Affiniti CVx, Agilent, Agilent 50XM, C Series, C3, CX50, EPIQ, Envisor, HD11, HD15, HeartStart MRx, HeartStart XL, Heartstart, Heartstream, IE33, IntelliVue, IntelliVue MX800, M1001A, M1001B, M1002A, M1002B, M1165A, M1166A, M1167A, M1175A, M1177A, M1204A, M1205A, M1264A, M1275A Transport, M1276A, M1280A, M1722A, M1722B, M1723A, M1723B, M2, M2475B, M2601A, M3, M3000A, M3001A, M3002A MMS X2, M3535A, M3536A, M4, M4735A, M8102A MP2, M8105A MP5, MP 20, MP 30, MP 50, MP 60, MP 70, Merlin, SureSigns VM6, SureSigns VM8, V24, V24E, V26, VM4, Viridia, М3046А
    Solaris NT3C, NT3E, NT3F
    Welch Allyn 242, Propaq Encore 206EL

    Technical Specifications::

    Category ECG
    Certifications ISO10993-1, 5, 10:2003E, RoHS Compliant
    Connector Round, 12-pin Philips Connector
    Connector Proximal Philips HP type
    Cable color Gray
    Cable diameter 5.0 mm
    Cable material TPU jacket, dual shield
    Cable length 2.5 m
    Resistor 1K ohm
    Color coding AHA
    Lead number 5
    Latex-free Yes
    Warranty 12 months
    Weight 0.5 Kg
    Packaging 1pcs/bag
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