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You do business with us, the experienced manufacturer directly, the product cost has been made most cost-effective, from the product R&D to material purchasing, production. Our compatible products are comparable to OEM and will save you up to 75% off the same product from the local dealers.

Professional Team

Every person in our company has been trained by the experts who has sales experience and engineering background. Their expertise helped us create the top specialists in the industry. Click the buttons"Get A Quote" or "Send A Message" to send your inquiry.

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Our technical experts served in Carlisle Asia, Unimed before, specialied in this field for more than 20 years. Every product we sell is 100% tested to guarantee you're receiving only the best quality product.

Fast shipping

We pre-produce semi-finished products for the most popular products in stock, 90% of our orders will be shipped wihthin 7 days by Air and made available within 5-7 business days.

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At Belcare Medical, you'll find a low price source of fetal monitoring belts, telemetry pouches, medical cables and sensors, cable parts(male, female connectors, cable materials, components etc.), ultrasound probes, etc. to make you have more competitve advantage in your local market. As an experienced manufacturer in these products, you can expect unsurpassed customer service and short time shipping. Submit the inform as below and explore our complete selection and more.

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